The Power of Collaboration: A Look Inside Rising Group Shilo

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Music ain’t just about solo talent – it’s about that blend of sounds, styles, and personalities that make something bigger than the individual parts. In this exclusive The Fleet Mag interview, Dr. Marsha sits down with the dynamic musical group Shilo to uncover the secrets behind their creative flow, how they
work together, and what makes their name so special.

Meet the Artists
Shilo is a tight-knit crew of handsome, talented guys bringing a mix of classic R&B, that new-school urban flow, a touch of hip-hop, and a whole lotta soul. These cats have diverse backgrounds and unique styles, creating a sound that keeps you hooked. Get to know them:

  • Carez: The wise veteran bringing that experience to the table.
  • Lil Kelly: An artist who knows the power of the right stage name.
  • J-Soul: Reflects on the group’s name origin and its meaning for them.
  • Duan McCoy: A member of the group (unavailable for the interview).

The Creative Journey
The group talks about their process – it often starts with them penning lyrics and laying down the beats. “Shilo,” they explain, means a bunch of things, but to them, it’s about being warriors. Carez says the music game is a fight, and you got to stay ready. In Hebrew, Shilo means “the gift,” and their sound is definitely that.

They give props to legends like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Dru Hill for inspiring them. They aim to make that grown-and-sexy music, the kind you want to vibe to. They remind me of H-Town and Guy!

Fan Love and Past Collabs
Shilo shares some real heartwarming stories about fan interactions. From bumping into celebs to college homecoming shows, they reminisce about how those experiences shaped their vibe. When asked about dream collabs, Chris Brown is at the top of their list. They also want to work with Tank and Ginuwine.
They’ve shared the stage with Tank and Ginuwine but are hungry for a full-on collab.

Family, Faith, and Focus
The bond between these guys goes way beyond the studio. They finish each other’s sentences like brothers. Family was a big theme in the interview – Carez shared some stories about being a dad, and Lil Kelly talked about his kid too. J-Soul dropped gems about finding balance between ambition, growth, and keeping faith and family strong. These fellas are the real deal!

What’s Next for Shilo?
They’re on the rise with a new music video in the works and a summer tour lined up for Louisiana, Houston, and Arkansas. Their goal is to share their unique sound with the world, spread positivity, and make music that touches your soul.

Advice for Aspiring Groups
Shilo knows overnight success is rare, especially with a group. Lil Kelly’s advice for indie artists is to: stay open, stay motivated, and never give up. They also emphasize knowing your group members well. Put the work in, stay humble, and build a genuine connection. J-Soul adds the importance of putting God first,
having clear goals, always learning, and staying consistent. He says there’s a ton of opportunities out there, so be ready to listen and adapt. Most importantly, got to click with the people you’re making music with.

The Takeaway
This inside look at Shilo shows the power of collaboration. These artists prove that when you mix skills, backgrounds, and respect, the sky’s the limit.

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