Tiana Von Johnson: Music MotivateHER and Self Made Millionaire

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She made her first million dollars at the age of 27 as a “bonafide entrepreneur”. She’s created several businesses and is known as “The Female Master P”. Though she describes herself as ‘the girl that decided to go for it,” many others describe her as a business mogul.

The Fleet Mag had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with Tiana Von Johnson. She revealed the steps she took to achieve success and the struggles endured along the way. Let’s take a look into her life from selling records on the street as a child, to becoming the powerful black female millionaire that she is today.

Tiana Von Johnson is a businesswoman, motivational speaker, and visual recording artist. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, she was introduced to music and business at an early age by her father, “King George”. Her father was known as the record man in the community. He was responsible for selling records from some of the biggest recording artist in the music industry including Lauryn Hill and Biz Markie. King George was widely known as the man to go to for the hottest and latest music.

At the young age of seven, Johnson could be found on 125th street alongside her father selling records. She feels she was introduced to music in a very special way through her father. At the time, she had no desire to be in the music industry, but she was fascinated watching her father hustle records. Johnson watched and learned the business of sales firsthand from her father. Then the day came when he said, “I’m giving you a promotion”. Johnson was given her own table and music to sell. What really made this an amazing opportunity was she was allowed to keep all the profits. That small act by her father set the foundation for her to become the business mogul that she is today.

As a young adult, Tiana Von Johnson got into real estate and excelled. She obtained a deal with NBC to have her own TV show called “Powerhouse”. This was a milestone venture as she was the only black female broker making millions of dollars on Wall Street.

Johnson began traveling the world, sharing her knowledge, and inspiring others to get on the path to success. In the midst of all the success she achieved, her world began to fall apart one traumatic experience after another. Her son’s father was gunned downed in the street and left to die in the Bronx, her relationship with her mother became non-existent as her mother stopped speaking to her for ten years, and she began to battle the taunts of naysayers. She described the whole ordeal as “life started lifing.” Throughout the turmoil Johnson was experiencing, she still put on a mask of happiness and continued to travel the world giving speeches encouraging others. As the owner of her organization, “Women Doing It Big,” she felt it was her duty to keep pushing through to help others.

Johnson lived in a mansion, had beautiful cars, and her kids were in college, but felt she was missing one thing, companionship. She then got into a relationship with a man she thought was a dream come true, but turned out to be a nightmare. That one bad decision of accepting the wrong man broke her down to the lowest level she had ever experienced in life. She admits she did not ask God to send her the right person, but she chose who she thought was right for her. Johnson realized she accepted a broken man who eventually broke her down and sent her into a dark place. Recognizing she was in an unhealthy situation, she immediately ended the relationship. After doing some soul searching she knew it was time to get her life together. She then took that toxic energy from what she had experienced, flipped it, and that is when her debut inspirational visual album, “The MotivateHER Volume 1 Therapy” was born.

The MotivateHER Volume 1 Therapy, is a 60-minute visual album and docu-film, accompanied by 18 tracks. It takes you on a journey through Tiana Von Johnson’s life and the many battles she endured. One of the songs, “Find Your Peace“, sets the foundation of the entire project. The track reveals the abuse she experienced from a narcissist, her broken relationship with her mother, and more. The song also encourages others that may be going through troubling times to stop crying, find your peace, and fight to get your life back on track.

Another song on the project titled “Beast,” depicts how Johnson felt at that point in her life. She stated she was angry at everyone including God. She mentally went into “beast mode,” took that anger and released it through the power of music and emotional storytelling.

The MotivateHER Volume 1 Therapy is available for viewing on Prime Video in the U.S. and the U.K. The project led Johnson to start her own record label MotivateHER Music Group, but it’s not your traditional record label. She teams up with recording artist, listens to their stories, and creates a visual album.

Tiana Von Johnson loves being able to motivate others through the power of music. She feels it has opened her up to a whole new audience. It provides the perfect platform to reach music lovers who wouldn’t normally attend a conference or other special event to hear her speak about life, business, and empowerment.

MotivateHER Volume 1 Therapy, is another success story to add to Johnson’s impressive resume along with her magazine, handbag line The Rare Bag, and over 25 best selling books.

Johnson wrapped up her interview with some words of advice to young ladies striving to make their mark in the business world. “Be careful what you put on social media”. It can be difficult to receive well deserved opportunities if you are posting revealing photos and other inappropriate material online. “Have a balance of what you are watching and listening to and don’t get consumed by it or live by it”.

Tiana Von Johnson is a true visionary and go getter. She empowers everyone to succeed and stands as a testament that your past cannot prevent you from having a prosperous future. Her encouraging words and love for “watching others win” is the fuel that drives her to being a phenomanel MotivateHER.

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Interview by Rebecca Gaston AKA DJ Pynk Dyamond | Article written by Janice “JP” Pritchett