Smok’N Blunt Sauce: A Delicious Addition To Every Meal

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Smok’N Blunt Sauce, it’s a catchy name but not what you may think. This family owned Virginia based business offers an array of delicious hot sauces as an excellent topper to every meal. As one of the owner’s Jay Blunt says, “The sauce is Smok’N and I am the Blunt.”


Smok’N Blunt Sauce was created in an interesting way. In 2020, the Blunt family was at home late one evening during the pandemic and ran out of hot sauce. As you always hear people say, if you have a problem find the solution. Jay went into his kitchen, grabbed a few ingredients, mixed them together, and a masterpiece was born. He created a delectable hot sauce from scratch that was a big hit with everyone. Then the obvious came to mind, “this hot sauce is so good we could sell it,” and the rest is history.

Smok’N Blunt Sauce has expanded to eleven tasty flavors:

  • Original Blunt Sauce
  • Smok’N Burger Sauce
  • Smok’N Wing Sauce
  • Smok’N Green Chili
  • Smok’N Red Chili Sauce
  • Strawberry Reaper
  • Chipotle Habanero Mango
  • Ghost Pepper Pineapple
  • Peach Habanero
  • Cherry Fury (*their hottest sauce*)
  • Blue Berry Lemon Habanero

The Original Blunt Sauce was created solemnly by Jay, which illustrated his God given gift to produce such a delicious product, with no previous culinary experience. This is proof that you can become a success in whatever you want to do if you just work hard, research, and trust the process.

The Blunt family did not stop creating once their line of hot sauces hit the market, that was only the beginning. They now have an amazing line of products including chips, peanuts, ice cream, candy bars, water, and mayo. Here’s something you may find interesting, they are all spicy. If your taste buds scream for spice, this is definitely for you. All products are low calorie, vegan friendly, and contain no added sugars or artificial flavors. You can’t beat that!

Place your order for Smok’N Blunt Sauce on their website, shipping is available. If you reside within 35 miles of Richmond, Virginia, you can also get free delivery. All Smok’N Blunt Sauces are reasonably priced and have a one year shelf life, so feel free to stock up.

Cookbook Available on Amazon: Get Your Sauce On

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