Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul: Battle For a Summer Knockout

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This fight’s billed as a “LIVE GLOBAL SPORTING EVENT,” all thanks to the legendary “BADDEST MAN ON
THE PLANET,” Mike Tyson. Sure, Tyson’s name still turns heads, but let’s be real – those knockout days
were decades ago, almost 30 years to be precise. His last big wins were in ’96 when he took both WBC
and WBA belts.

His opponent? (Or is it Tyson who’s the sideshow?) It’s social media darling and self-proclaimed
“PROBLEM CHILD,” Jake Paul. Love him or hate him, Paul’s got a following – over twenty-five million
strong. Tyson’s nostalgia factor plus Paul’s hype machine? That’s a recipe for a freakshow spectacle.

But will anyone with an ounce of boxing sense buy it? Tyson will be 58 when this circus happens. His last
ring action was that 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. – hardly a real fight – and his last pro bout. Paul was 8 years old back then. But hey, at least Jake’s the younger, more active fighter… even if the boxing crowd calls his fights a joke.

The thing is, Jake Paul doesn’t fight boxers. Only once has he gone pro-to-pro, and the rest of the time
it’s been washed-up MMA guys and former NBA players. So, he ticks one box by facing a real boxer
(even if that boxer’s a relic). Jake’s hoping to silence his critics… for a while anyway.

The rules? Who knows! Will any serious boxing organization sanction it when Tyson hasn’t fought
professionally since 2005? How many rounds? Ring size? It’s a clown show, but both guys will make
bank, that’s for sure.

One thing overlooked with these freak shows is the undercard. Will this even be a real fight, or pure
spectacle? If it’s an exhibition, maybe some other D-list celebs get their 15 minutes. But if it’s somehow
a legit match, maybe they try to sneak in a halfway decent title bout before the main event. Time will
tell! Here’s how Paul and Tyson stack up:


AGE2757 (will be 58 on fight night)

Jake Paul VS Mike Tyson streams live on Netflix from Arlington, Texas, at the AT&T Center, on July 20th, 2024. The FLEET MAG will bring you more on this circus as the madness unfolds!