J Kristyle: The Man Behind the Music Business Brand

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James C. Everett, better known as “J Kristyle”, is a multi-talented entrepreneur located in Memphis, TN. He is the owner of J Kristyle Management, as well as the founder and host of J Kristyle Indie Radio. J Kristyle is not only his pseudonym but the brand he operates under.

From an early age J Kristyle had his mind set on becoming a trendsetter in the music industry. For over a decade he studied all aspects of the music business. He then utilized that expertise to become the educated business owner that he is today.

J Kristyle Management is the driving force behind independent recording artist, Mo Money (The First Lady of J Kristyle Manangement), and motivational hip-hop artist, Money Matt. He also represents models K.C. Girl and Candi Clymaxx. He wears many hats under the J Krystyle brand including serving as the marketing and promotions curator.

As a member of the Worldwide Fleet DJs, Tennessee division, J Kristyle utilizes his extended list of professional connections and experience in the music industry, to turn today’s opening act into tomorrow’s headliner. He spends his days in constant communication with DJs, promoters, industry tastemakers, and other music executives to create game changing career building opportunities for his clients.

J Kristyle acknowledges there are many other businesses that offer the same services as he, but what sets him apart from the competition is he not only helps recording artist expand their brand and fanbase, but he also provides the knowledge and tools they need to become overall well rounded individuals.

J Kristyle is destined to become a mogul in the music industry. Follow J Kristyle Manangement on social media at the links below and reach out to him to get your music career on the fast track to success.