Usher’s “Coming Home” Album Did Not Disappoint

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Usher’s new album “Coming Home” was released on February 9 th , 2024, the original release date was set for February 11 th. No complaints here! I was ecstatic that it was released 2 days early. I waited 8 years for this album. This album takes us on a familiar yet a fresh new ride that makes you want to hit repeat on a road trip.

I recently attended Usher’s concert in Vegas which made me yearn for a new album even more. While Usher has so many timeless hits I needed a new album, it was truly a desire. The singer decided to name the album “Coming Home” to reflect on the journey of his life. This album takes us through Usher getting a divorce, being single, finding true love, and having two more kids. He also had a very successful Las Vegas Residency right after a worldwide pandemic. All this while preparing to perform in the Super Bowl half time show. The superstar stated, “I finished it 10 times before it was released.”

The 45-year-old R&B veteran will take the stage for the halftime show for Super Bowl LVIII! Usher gifted us a 20-track collection packed with potential hits. This album, like his previous eight, blends R&B,
pop, and jazz. Usher recently did an interview with Apple music about his career and performing at the upcoming Super Bowl. He was asked what he liked most about performing and he replied “performing”. This was evident in Vegas, and on this new album. He has hits that I know the singer will perform in his finest form.

Thirty-one years in the music industry and Usher is still “that artist” that looks good, produces good hits, and performs like a pro. Not many artists have this claim to fame. In his Apple interview he stated he wanted to reach legendary status to the likes of Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. I say he is on his way! Usher also credits a recent trip to Ghana for inspiring some of his music decisions on the album. The inspiration is heard on the albums first track “Coming Home,” which features Burna Boy. This album blends a 90’s vibe and a contemporary vibe on the side. Speaking of on the side, the track titled “On the Side” is reminiscent of “Confessions.”

On this diverse collection, there is something for everyone, from the OGs of the world to the new schoolers alike. Usher has that knack to appeal to a wide audience despite their age or race
which is the key to his longevity. On the “Luckiest Man in the World”, we hear the artist sing and
rap about the new love in his life. I predict this will be on many wedding playlists. Speaking of rapping Latto is featured on “A-Town Girl”. This track has a refreshing sample from Billy Joel which mixes well with the production on this album. It gives a Black Eye Peas “OMG feel” and Lil Jon “Yeah” mix. I predict this song, just like so many others on the album, will appeal to the masses. “Standing Next to You” (USHER Remix) gives an old school skating rink vibe. Another potential hit on the album includes “Risk It All” featuring H.E.R (From the original motion picture “The Color Purple “) soundtrack. “Bop” is also going to be a hit with the younger generation.

I don’t have a favorite track on the album because I love all of them for different reasons. This album will take you from the club, to reminiscing about a past lover, to falling in love. I love an album I can listen to without skipping a track. As a DJ, I can say that I will be playing this album at various events and across different generations. I give this album 10 out of 10 and I will definitely be listening to it on repeat!! Check it out below.