J Manifest: The Super Producer Behind Some of the Biggest Artist in Rap and R&B

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He’s been in the music business for over two decades and has worked with some of the biggest names in Rap and R&B. From Boosie and Wiz Khalifa, to Anthony Hamilton and Lil Durk. J Manifest has proved to be one of the hottest and most sought after producers in the game. The award winning producer sat down with The Fleet Mag reporter Becky Gaston, AKA DJ Pynk Dyamond to talk about his career in music and his future ventures.

J Manifest:  I am originally from Rocky Mount, NC and I got into music back in 1993 as a recording engineer. During the time of 95-96, I had trouble finding beats, so I started making my own with musical instruments. Right now I own a studio in Raleigh, NC. I also got into merchandise, I sell shirts and hats. It’s called Kickz -N-Sneakz.

J Manifest: Papoose was one who inspired the musical journey for me.  

J Manifest:  For me, I have to feel a certain way. I may turn on the equipment and start off with some simple piano melodies and it may lead to this sound and that sound and a snare sound. By then I may have a complete beat. It’s never premeditated.

J Manifest: I have worked with  artists such as Rick Ross, Anthony Hamilton, Lil Durk, Wiz Khalifa, Boosie and Lil Wayne just to name of a few of the big hitters.

J Manifest: I think my picks would be Drake, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Doja Cat. The reason I chose these artists they are the greatest of all.

J Manifest:  Social media has kind of eradicated the A&R position and it has put a dent in foot work like hand to hand physical copies, hanging posters and flyers on cars. On a positive note it put everybody on an even playing field. It has its pros and cons. It also help artists move around and get exposure around the world.

J Manifest: I would say get you a team, that has an Entertainment Lawyer, PR person, and certainly have a budget. This way everyone can help push your music.

J Manifest:  I am an early person, so I start my day at 6am. I meditate until 7am, then around 8-10 am I get started with my mental medicine and I prepare my meal, then after I eat, I am off to the studios and I am usually there from 8 to 12 hours everyday.

J Manifest: You certainly gotta have time management because I have 2 children. A son 13 years old and a daughter who is 18. My kids love music, but my daughter is into beauty and my son is into video games and basketball. I have to have balance.