Rising Star Destined To Be A Legend, Up Close With Rap Artist King Priimme

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He’s coming out swinging and taking the rap game by storm. The Fleet Mag had the opportunity to sit down with recording artist King Priimme to talk about his music, upcoming projects, and to get his take on current music trends. Check out what he had to say in a recent interview

Pynkdyamond: When did get into music?

King Priimme:  Music has been in my life since I was. 9 years old. My uncle was always jamming with his music and he used to walk around with a boombox, so he kind of got me more into it.  My parents was involved in music as I was growing up too, they would always be listening to old school or throwback music.

Pynkdyamond:  How did you get your name?

King Priimme:  I am the King and I’m optimistic and the leader of the pack. It’s just what identifies me and who I am.

Pynkdyamond:  Who inspired you to make music?

KingPriimme:  My uncle again because he had me listening to Hip Hop and all the great artists. Also, JayZ inspires me because he talks about struggles in his music and it actually tells a story.  His lyrics also talk about accomplishments. Biggie, may he RIP, inspired me too because he just came out swinging and all his music is dope.  Jadakiss, I really like him because folks in the industry played him as an underdog and he is one of the hardest rappers out here. The new wave of music that I like is artists such as, PopSmoke, Favio, and Boogie With The Hoodie.

Pynkdyamond:  Tell me a little about your track “Right Now”.

KingPriimme: It was produced by King Dion Crown Studios in Hopewell, VA. The record label is Dream Team Records. The video will be coming out November 2023.

Pynkdyamond: What do you feel is the most challenging part of being an artist?

KingPriimme: Having to adapt and deal with game changes everyday. Been thirteen years in the game of music and I haven’t been pushing like I need to learning the game. Things like how to market and how I can get my music in the right hands. Today I’m still learning because this is what I want.

Pynkdyamond:  If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

KingPriimme: Change the message of all the songs that I hear about killing folks and talking about drugs which is no real message in the songs out today. Some of the females are no better, but if I get the opportunity, I will have the power to influence.

Pynkdyamond:  What do you love about being an artist?

KingPriimme: I love not being in a box. If I feel like I want to play a different beat, I’ll do that to express myself.

Pynkdyamond:  How do you balance life as an entertainer with your family life?

KingPriimme:  I am still learning to balance, so I am bringing them in the loop with me, especially my wife Lady Priimme, she is in the mix.

King Priimme mixtape “The Return”, was released in June 2023 and is available on all online music platforms. He is working on a new project, “The Black & White Album” which will be coming out in 2024.

Follow King Priimme on Social Media at the Links Below. For bookings: Dreamteamrec01@gmail.com