I Feel a Whoop Coming On, the 69 Boyz Are Back With New Music

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Fleet DJs hostess, DJ Ms. Tan recently had the pleasure of interviewing the hit duo 69 Boyz, who were promoting their new single “I Feel a Whoop Coming On,” from their upcoming album The Notorious Bass. The interview was conducted by our Fleet DJs team members. as the duo was on their way to their next concert.

Ms. Tan started off by asking the duo about the inspiration behind their new song. The 69 Boyz explained that they wanted to create an album that would make people dance and have a good time. They also wanted to pay homage to the classic Miami bass sound that they grew up with.

When asked about their favorite track on the album, the duo couldn’t pick just one. They explained that each track on the album has its own unique vibe and energy, and they love them all equally.

Ms. Tan then asked the duo about their creative process. The 69 Boyz explained that they like to start with a catchy beat and build the lyrics and melody around it. They also like to collaborate with other artists and producers to bring new ideas to the table.

The conversation then turned to the duo’s live performances. The 69 Boyz explained that they love performing for their fans and feeding off their energy. They also like to incorporate dance routines into their shows to keep the crowd engaged.

Ms. Tan wrapped up the interview by asking the duo about their future plans. The 69 Boyz revealed that they have a lot of exciting projects in the works, including collaborations with other artists and a possible tour in the near future.

Overall, the interview was a fun and insightful look into the world of the 69 Boyz. Their passion for music and dedication to their craft was evident throughout the conversation, and it’s clear that they have a continued bright future ahead of them.