VanVan: The 5-Year Old Pint Size Rap Sensation

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She’s only five years old and already a music sensation. While most little girls her age are playing with dolls and watching cartoons, this pint size cutie can be found in the recording studio rocking the mic.

Savannah McConneaughey AKA VanVan is her name, and she has set social media on fire. With millions of video streams and hundreds of thousands of followers, this talented young rapper has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

VanVan began rapping at the age of two. Her father Reggie, noticed one day while watching Frozen, she was able to quickly memorize the songs which he thought was fascinating for a toddler. Being a school teacher, Reggie knew his daughter displayed a special talent so he began to use music as a tool to teach her at home. Little did he know his baby girl would take learning and music to another level, and shortly after become a social media superstar.

“We would rap about numbers, colors, her alphabet. And that’s how, through music, that’s how I was teaching her to learn,” her father said in a recent interview.

VanVan’s parents say music is something she loves right now but they will never push her to have a career in the music industry, as they know it can be grueling. Her mother, Kenya stated. “We want to make sure that we keep her innocent and make sure she stays her sweet little self.” Her dad runs her social media pages and often adds hashtags to his post to reflect the image her wants his daughter to embrace and be proud of as a young African American female. Some of the hashtags he uses are #prettygirl #brownskingirl #blackgirlmagic and #beauty.

VanVan is far beyond her years when it comes to music and many people are shocked to discover she selects her own beats, freestyles, and writes her own lyrics. When asked about what she likes to rap about she stated, “I like to rap about myself. I like to rap about stuff that I like to do, and stuff that makes me happy,” she said. “When the beat drops, I just feel the beat and I just get a bar.”

VanVan’s talent has caught the attention of some of the music industry’s biggest artists including Queen Latifah, Snoop Dogg, and her protégé MC Lyte. She has also appeared on several nationally televised talk shows and done numerous interviews.

VanVan’s latest release “Be You,” features T.I. and Tiny’s eight year old daughter Heiress. The song is a big hit and it serves as inspiration for other kids to be themselves. VanVan has a very busy schedule ahead of her but their is nothing this sassy little beauty can’t handle. In between her time of just being a kid, she is recording new music, preparing for her next video shoot, and starring in the upcoming film Crossover: The Revenge.

VanVan is destined to do big things in the music industry as well as in life. This young lady has grit, determination, and she is already a legend in the making.

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