Ricco Barrino: A Music Legend In The Making

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Step into the world of R&B sensation Ricco Barrino. The Fleet Mag reporters MzMinah BrownDivah and Megastar, sat down for an exclusive interview with the multi-talented recording artist, in the latest edition of Celebrity Corner. During the intimate conversation, Barrino gave us a glimpse into his personal life and music career. Let’s delve into his journey as we highlight this remarkable artist’s path to success, and witness the magic he brings to the world of music.

Ricco Barrino, brother of Fantasia, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. Born into a musical family, he acknowledged his upbringing played a major role in his success. His father sang in multiple gospel groups and his uncles were members of the 1960s soul group, The Barrino Brothers.

As a young man football was his first love and he was an extremely talented athlete. He then encountered a few complications that came with the territory of being so talented. As a result, he decided to put down the football and grab the mic making music his top priority. With such a musically rich background in his bloodline, Barrino was destined to do great things in the music industry.

His career took off after the release of his debut single “Bubble Gum,” in 2016. The song was a hit and opened doors for him to collab with several music icons including Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Angie Stone, Busta Rhymes, 8 Ball & MJG, E-40, and many more.

Barrino opened up about personal challenges he’s endured, including the heartbreaking loss of his son. Though this was a devastating time in his life, he was able to rely on his faith to forge ahead with his career. With his infectious energy and profound insight, he feels life experiences have molded him to be the man he is today. He stated, “I wouldn’t trade my journey for anybody, the ups and the downs.” His no regrets attitude is why he’s built a massive fan base and captured the hearts of music lovers around the world.

Barrino’s powerful vocals and songwriting skills has him in a league of his own. He spoke about the highlight of his career, working with The King of R&B, R.Kelly. “In terms of Kels, I was able to spend time with him and able to write and have him go ‘wow, you’re incredible,’ even shed tears. That may have been one of my highest moments and to watch how quick he comes up with things and I wanted to do that as well.”

Barrino has a special talent to compose music in all genres and write about a wide variety of topics. He stated, “I want to give you the club bangers and give you something for the soul.” He uses music as an outlet to express his feelings which is why he has such an impressive music catalog with hits like “Pray For Me” and “Let’s Dance.”

In his music videos, Barrino showcases not only his singing but his acting skills as well effortlessly captivating audiences on screen.

As Ricco Barrino continues to ascend the music charts, his journey serves as a beacon of positivity and inspiration for fans across all genres.

Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable artist as he continues to inspire and uplift through his artistry.  

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Written by Aminah Sillah-Baker & Steven Ragsdale