J-Wonn: The Southern Soul Man Taking the Music World By Storm

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With his infectious smile, soulful melodies, smooth vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, J- Wonn has quickly become one of the most exciting voices in Southern Soul. In a recent interview with The Fleet Mag reporter, Dr. Marsha, the Mississippi native opened up about his musical journey, his creative inspirations, and his unwavering faith that has guided his path.

Consistency is Key
J-Wonn started out in a high school band, honing his talents in a more blues-infused style. He released the single “I Got This Record” in 2013 which helped boost his recognition and popularity. According to research prior to our sit down, he is also known for hosting the J-Wonn’s Blues Cruise which featured
performances by Sweet Angel and Kirby Smooth. This guy is an entrepreneur to the core. Please check out his ‘merch” on his website. He built himself a state of the art home studio and he has his own label that he records under.

He credits his mom and grandma with introducing him to the Southern Soul genre he’s become known for. He said, “I used to wake up on Sunday mornings listening to Mom’s Apple Pie”. Learning from them and his musical heroes, he realized that the road to success isn’t about going viral, but about the strength of consistent hard work. He has put in the work. He started in the music industry while in high school and has been going strong ever since. His advice to aspiring artists, “find your audience, “and “once you find your audience, just feed them.” That’s how you build your tribe.

The Power of Collaboration
Whether he is writing or producing, J-Wonn often brings a fully-formed idea to the table. He finds real joy in collaborating and has worked with artists like Lenny Williams and Nellie Tiger Travis. His key piece of advice is to approach any collaboration with something valuable to offer, not simply an ask.

The Importance of Protecting Your Work
Having an in-home studio has been a game-changer for J-Wonn, allowing him to create at his leisure. He stresses the importance for independent artists to copyright their work before sharing it with the world and he provides a list of key resources to any Indie artist at the beginning of their journeys:

  • A music publishing account
  • A copyright registration
  • A Google Adsense account
  • Full control of your YouTube channel

Looking to the Future
Looking ahead, J-Wonn has a new single dropping on April 20 th , 2024 – so mark your calendars! His dream collaborations include the legendary Bobby Rush, as well as icons Fantasia and Jazmine Sullivan. It’s clear that this hardworking artist has a bright future in music and I believe he is going to make it happen.

Beyond the Music
J-Wonn embodies the idea that success should be used to support and uplift others. He has his own fragrance line and also runs ‘The Man Behind the Pen‘ website, through which he provides songwriting resources. Additionally, he heads the ‘Skull and Gloves Foundation’, a heartwarming initiative that supplies elementary school children with winter necessities.

You can find J-Wonn online, click the links below::

Be sure to check out his music and stay tuned for the much anticipated April 20th single release! This is not one to miss!