OJ Simpson Passes Away at 76 of Cancer

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He was a legend on the football field, and a fan favorite on the big screen. Former NFL great and actor, Orenthal James Simpson, AKA O.J. Simpson, has passed away after a battle with cancer. The news was announced by his family via social media in the statement below:

O.J. Simpson’s rise to fame began on the football field. He was the number one overall draft pick in 1969 by the Buffalo Bills. Though Simpson was a standout while playing in college for USC,, his first three years in the NFL were less than impressive. In 1972, under a new head coach, his career took a dramatic turn for the better. He rushed for over 1,000 yards that season leading the NFL, and in 1973, he rushed for over 2,000 yards breaking the legendary Jim Brown’s single season rushing record.

In 1977, OJ Simpson’s season was cut short due to injury, and he was eventually traded to San Francisco 49ers where he played until his retirement in 1979. The iconic running back played in the NFL for 11 seasons. He achieved great success earning numerous awards, including five Pro Bowl selections and the NFL MVP award in 1973.

However, Simpson became more widely known for his legal troubles than his gridiron skills. In 1994, he was arrested and charged with the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. The trial was known as “The Trial of the Century”, and it captivated the nation for eleven months. In October 1995, Simpson was acquitted of the murders in a highly publicized trial. The late Johnnie Cochran Jr. served as his lead defense attorney. The case remains one of the most controversial and scrutinized in U.S. history.

Following the murder trial, Simpson’s life continued to be plagued with controversy. He was found liable for the deaths of his ex-wife and Goldman in a civil trial in 1997 and ordered to pay substantial damages to the victims’ families. Also, in 2008, he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas, for which he served nine years in prison before being released in 2017. That conviction came 13 years after being found not guilty in the double murder trial.

In 2023, OJ Simpson went public with his cancer diagnosis. He occasionally took to social media to give updates on his condition. Rumors began to swirl about his health, stating he was in hospice care. Simpson comically posted a message online to put the rumors to rest.

Simpson’s last social media post was made in February. He looked fairly healthy as he spoke about football and gave another update on his condition.

Many people still have mixed feelings about OJ Simpson. Though opinions may vary, his lifelong accomplishments cannot be denied. OJ Simpson passed away April 10, 2024, surrounded by family at the age of 76,

Orenthal James Simpson (July 9th, 1947 – April 10, 2024)