Kokane: A Journey To Musical Greatness

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He was born into musical greatness, his father a Motown composer, and his mother a singer. Rapper, singer, and record producer, Kokane has music flowing through his veins and the track record to prove it. He’s worked with music legends such as Eazy E, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nipsey Hussle, George Clinton, Ice Cube, and many more. He’s also released over a dozen albums including “Addictive Hip Hop Muzick”, “Funk Upon a Rhyme”, “They Call Me Mr. Kane”, and “Pain Killers: Kill the Pain,” just to name a few.

Kokane has been in the music industry for over three decades and he continues to drop hit after hit. The Fleet Mag had the opportunity to catch up with the rap legend to discuss how he got started in the music business, his lengthy career accomplishments, and future projects. Check out what he had to say during his interview with reporter Rebecca Gaston AKA DJ Pynk Dyamond.

DjPynkDyamond:  Who is Kokane? How did you come to know Klassik (CEO of Fleet DJs) ?

Kokane:  I have been in the game for a while. I come from a musical background.  My father was a big name at Motown Records.  I really started taking rapping and singing seriously around 1983-1984. I signed a deal in 1989 with the late Eric “Eazy E” Wright, R.I.P.  Eric “Eazy E” Wright gave us the opportunity of a lifetime and the rest is history. I linked in with Klassik, we have known each other for about 10 to 11 years now.  My daughter is a singer. We had a chance to go to a Fleet conference about 5 to 6 years ago.  Klassik as a pillar to hip hop and the music game. We are more than just friends now, we are like family.

DjPynkDyamond:  What childhood friend inspired you towards music?

Kokane: When it came to the music industry as a child I was under that Motown umbrella because of my father. Those things really inspired me. That is all we had in my household. Living with my grandparents they had jazz and blues. It is something about soul and funk music and being exposed to it as a kid for a little bit it kept us safe.

DjPynkDyamond: Was there ever a time when you had a very challenging moment of your life throughout this musical journey?

Kokane:  The whole thing has been an experience.  

DjPynkDyamond: How do you feel social media has impacted the music business?

Kokane:  The world is your oyster.  It is not limited to just one state or region. There’s good and bad in any situation. There are a lot of good things you can do. The internet has a lot of options and you can use the tools that they have. You can produce abundantly and move things fast and efficiently for less on the dollar.

DjPynkDyamond:  Do you think it is easier for today’s artist to gain a fan base that way?

Kokane:  Absolutely! But you got to realize that being patient is like meditating. We grew up in an era where we did not have the internet.  Everything was better.  I’m working on a project and has been 5 years in the making.  It will be 3 albums rolled up into one adventure. These albums we be available on www.buddyboymusic.com.

DjPynkDyamond:  Are you coming out of the west coast to do tours?

Kokane: I will be in New York, Florida.  I also have an over seas tour coming up.

DjPynkDyamond:  How do you balance your life as an entertainer with your family life?

Kokane:  Every day I get up I talk to our Heavenly Father and then I talk to my family. God is first in command. God is the one that give me the spiritual equilibrium so that I can make it.

DjPynkDyamond:  Where can people find you?

Kokane:  On Instagram Kokane_OG. You can also find me on Google. 

Interview by Rebecca Gaston aka DjPynkDyamond | Written By: Shaleta Johnson aka Ladi Priimme