President Joe Biden To Pardon Thousands For Possession of Marijuana and Simple Use

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President Joe Biden’s Administration has announced a plan to issue pardons to thousands of non-violent U.S. Citizens and lawful permanent residents convicted of marijuana and cannabis use. The plan specifies that the pardons will include those without the intent to sell, as well as individuals who were not under the influence of illegal substances. The plan was created to provide these pardons because many states have now legalized marijuana.

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris believe the pardon will make it easier for thousands of Americans to gain employment, education, and purchase a home. The pardon will give many a second chance as some of the offenses involving marijuana resulted in decades-long sentences and even
mandatory life sentences.

President Biden is urging more governors to get involved regarding state offenses. This action comes in the wake of the upcoming 2024 election, in which there are reports that the President’s popularity is declining. President Biden has maintained his belief that no person should be in a local jail or state prison for the sole use or possession of marijuana. No federal prisoners are eligible to receive the pardon.