Scarface Takes You Down Memory Lane With His Tiny Desk Concert

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The legendary rapper Scarface is taking you down memory lane in the latest Tiny Desk Concert by NPR. His performance received much praise by viewers with some even saying it’s the best performance they’ve ever seen from NPR. During his concert, Scarface put a smooth spin on his tracks adding a little jazzy flavor at times as he reminisced about his experiences in the music industry and more.

Scarface is widely known for being a member of the rap trio the Geto Boys, but in 1991 he dropped his debut solo album “Mr. Scarface Is Back” He was highly successful as a solo act releasing a total of eleven albums resulting in four gold and three reaching platinum status. Some of his hit singles include: “I Never Seen a Man Cry”, “Smile”, and “Guess Who’s Back”.

What sets Scarface apart from other artist is his distinctive voice and his impressive style of storytelling in his rhymes. His music speaks on factual occurrences, life struggles, poverty, crime, inner-city life and more. He covers a wide spectrum of material in his music which allows many to relate to every bar he drops.

Check out the concert below. Enjoy.

Warning: This video contains profanity.

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