Where It All Started From: “Beyond The Turntables,” The Fleet DJs Documentary

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he Fleet Mag is a subsidiary of the worldwide Fleet DJs. Now you get a behind the scenes look into how Fleet DJs started in the newly released documentary “Beyond the Turntable.” This is an observational documentary following the adventurous lives of a group of hip hop artists from New Jersey that started out as friends, broke up and got back together to create one of the largest DJ coalitions in the world. This documentary provides a taste of realness and truth by giving the audience a glimpse into the lifestyle of some of the best DJs around the world. It also reveals the importance of DJ crews and recording artists building relationships to achieve the common goal, to get the hottest music in the ears of listeners.

Why This Documentary Matters
The Fleet DJs was started in Newark, New Jersey, by Klassik and DJ Profluent. The organization got its name from the group Kompazz Fleet. Its claim to fame evolved from a podcast called Worldwide Alpha Communications Network which started with DJs like DJ Delz , DJ Get Bucc, DJ Starline, DJ Shure Shot and many others.

The Fleet DJs were very heavy in the mixtape game and worked with artists such as Warren G, Travis Port, Gunplay, Prince Marky Dee, Joel Ortiz and over 100 other big-name artists. However, there were some bumps in the road for the crew that went from being a music group to a worldwide organization. The crew eventually broke up but the founder Klassik, kept pushing and went on to grow the DJ group to over 600 members, becoming one of the largest DJ organizations in the world.

The Fleet DJs were the first to break hundreds of records and have been presented with over a dozen awards for their accomplishments. The Fleet DJs are also the first to have managers in their DJ coalition around the world, plus, they are acknowledged as the number one DJ crew.

The Fleet DJs have seven websites, two mobile apps, and over 80 radio stations on the Fleet Radio Network platform which has been going strong for over 21 years. DJs are the icing on the cake for any event and their stories must be told and cemented in the entertainment history books.

Synopsis: The Inception of Fleet DJs and Why It Will Work
The Kompazz Fleet started in 1995 with a group of artists from the city of Newark and East Orange NJ. The group featured artists Spanky Gumz, Rick Debro, Exodus, Janet Mack, Dollar, Sean Leake, Stress Malone, Nile. Smok, Bi Leve lz, plus outspoken producers Klassik, Profluent and Najee. These Jersey bread artists recorded over 500 songs featuring Sean Price, Hom, Billy Danze from M.O.P., Lady Luck and many others.

Their rise to the top is a testament to the passion and sacrifice each DJ had to make on their journey.
We always hear about the artists but now its time you hear why the artists look and sound so good … it’s their DJs.

Executive Producer: Tomara Thomas – Writer, entertainment coordinator, over 15 years in the entertainment industry. Member of the Fleet DJs since 2020.

Executive Producer: CEO Klasslk Davis – Born and raised in Irvington and Newark, New Jersey. Founded “The Worldwide Fleet DJs” in 2001. Evolved from five members to over 670 DJs worldwide. Fleet DJs has become the world’s largest DJ coalition in the world. www.fleetdJs.com