R&B Group Troop Is Back in the Studio

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The Fleet DJs sat down with the legendary group Troop and had a candid conversation about the past, present, and future.  During the interview, they mentioned the Back to Life Tour being the revitalization of the group after one member passed away. The group has gone through many hardships from deaths of family, a group member, and the struggles of the industry but they never quit. 

The Back to Life Tour is an expression of breathing life back into the group and helping them find peace through recording and performing.  During the interview Queen of the South posed the question how the group felt about the differences in the music industry from back in the day to the present, and the answers were precise. With the industry changing to a digital heavy delivery and music being released almost every day, the group replied they were not happy with how the pay and view of music has been devalued, with streaming taking president over everything and songs being sold for 99 cents.  Also, the technology aspect had been a major change because back in the day the only way to do a face-to-face interview would be to fly or travel to the interview, the advancement of technology also changed how music is being made with home studios being elevated.  

R&B is a Culture of Love and Troop is on a mission to bring the love back.  When talking about the Back to Life Tour they said it has been amazing with several sold out shows. Other artist on the tour include Boys II Men and Monica. They feel people are flocking to the shows because they miss that 90’s R&B.  When asked what advice they would give new artist, they responded, “Patience, because things don’t happen overnight and you will lose yourself trying to be an overnight success”. They also preach to pay homage by giving love to those before you, helping you, supporting you, and the playmakers because a lot of times they are forgotten in the climb to the top.  

With their moniker being TROOP, which means Total Respect of Other People, they vow to represent what the group’s name holds high and stands for.  The single “Lady of My Life” is a classic remake of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Many would have been intimidated attempting to remake such a vocal-heavy song, but Troop with their experience, humbleness, expertise, talent, and respect delivered an amazing tribute. Lady of My Life is a fire debut single off their upcoming project.  Be on the lookout for the new album and download the single.