Get Ready For A Dose of True R&B From the “Love Doctor”, Terrance Love

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Terrance Love AKA Love Doctor, is a singer and musician from Memphis, Tennessee. He comes from a family of entertainers and was drawn to music at the young age of three. He recalls moonwalking across the floor in his church shoes as well as listening to the sounds of Frankie Beverly & Maze as a child. He knew at this moment he wanted a career in the music industry.

Love drew his musical inspiration from his grandmother who is, and I quote, “the Joe Jackson of the family”. As Love got older he started recording music and became known as “Love Doctor”. His creative process when stepping into the booth includes thinking of memories of his grandfather playing the piano, his brother playing the guitar, and his musical background with a gospel group.

As Love matured in his music, his influences became Dave Hollister, Brian McKnight, Musiq
Soulchild, Boyz II Men, and Dru Hill, mixed with some Tyrese and Tank.

Terrence Love is hitting the ground running into 2023 going into 2024 with upcoming tour dates.
Love and his publicist Stephanie, are working hard to give the world great R&B music to move
& groove to.

I recently had the opportunity to conduct a live zoom interview with Terrance Love for The Fleet Mag. Here’s what he had to say:

Terrance Love: I really can sing. I come from that era where you really had to sing. Didn’t you get a chance to see me at the Fleet DJs Music Conference. I like to grab people’s attention. I hit the stage like Eddie Kane with my song Worth It.

Grimace Mobb: What makes your music different than any other R&B?

Terrance Love: No autotune and not agenda driven. You will not hear me disrespecting women or calling them out there names. No gimmicks and no chanting with my music. Not to disrespect anyone else’s craft, it’s just that real talent is getting overlooked. It’s only one type of music being pushed, it’s time to put some balance to it. All these people sliding up on women that be shaking there tail all up on social media and yes, ladies we like it, but we not going to take you home to see mom.

Grimace Mobb: Facts, Facts.

Terrence Love: Nobody wants to wife something everybody seen online. I’m just waiting
for these women to stop listening to the music that’s calling them bitches and hoes and making it ok. Honestly, I don’t see it changing. With them taking love off the radio and prayer out of school. That’s not God right there. We are made to be great but when you don’t realize it and you don’t know
it, you are just going with what is put in front of you. They clone Tyrone.

Grimace Mobb- Yes.

Terrence Love: Got you mimicking what the next person is doing. It’s some people that will
never get it. I got an opportunity before, they wanted to dummy my sound down. I couldn’t talk about love, my music had too much content in it. They didn’t want me to say if you got a problem with me let’s work it out. Don’t get on social media and bash me. We can get away from that and stop being above correction and learn to take constructive criticism. This world will be a lot better. It’s okay to listen to that music but don’t let that music be who you are.

Grimace Mobb: Is there anything special you have going on or what would you like people
to know about you?

Terrence Love: I’ll be performing at the Historic in Memphis, Tennessee with Type Tee and
Friends. I am looking to get on tour so I can start to write these prescriptions to get
the rest of the world to know who Dr. Love is, because the world is off-balance right now,
we need more love.

Grimace Mobb: We definitely need more love I agree with you on this one. It’s a soulful reminder of how music is supposed to be. However, some music is good for your ears, but not good for your soul. There is some good music out there, great music out there, especially when it comes to R&B. Health is wealth and listening to healthy music is what the doctor ordered.

So, check this out Fleet Mag watchers. If you would like to get in contact with Terrence Love just follow him on social media by clicking the links below. Allow the “Love Doctor” to prescribe the world proper medication.