One on One With Rapper, Model, and Actress, Sigdatrig

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She’s known as the Queen of the Streetz, and she is making her mark in the music and entertainment industry. The Fleet Mag had the chance to sit down with East Harlem rapper Sigdatrig for a little Q&A. Check out what this rapper, business owner, model and actress. had to say.

Pynkdydamond:  When did you get into music?

Sigdatrig: I was born into music. When I was about 3 years old I started singing a Whitney Houston song and my mom still has the video and pictures. I later started working with a great vocal coach by the name of Craig Derry. He is the vocal coach that all of the big artist used including Michael Jackson.  I been around music all my life and I was even friends with Dougie Fresh kids we all grew up together. As I got older, I stuck to being me and being real.  

Pynkdyamond:  I see you have a daughter, do you have her into music like you?

Sigdatrig:  No, I let her do what she wants, but most of all she likes to cook.  She is very supportive of me but I do not push her into music.  She really likes directing things and she loves helping other kids. 

Pynkdaymond:  How did you get your name?

Sigdatrig: I go by Signature. Sig is a gun, so I made myself Sig and pulling the trigger……. “Nothing to Play With.”

Pynkdyamond:  What do you have going on and what do you see yourself doing besides music?

Sigdatrig:  I will be going to New York Fashion Week. I usually walk in it each year. Also, I would like to help other artists become successful. I would like to be something like an experienced consultant. I want to help and teach people about movies, fashion, and entertainment.

Pynkdyamond: What do you feel is the most challenging part of being an artist?

Sigdatrig:  Being talented and the need to have a viral moment. I have my own connections and I am a person with integrity, but some people buy their awards when they did not earn them.  

Pynkdyamond: What’s the best advice a person has given you?

Sigdatrig:  Pass The Plug. I am a person that don’t have issues with the people helping me so I wanna do the same for others. Also you gain more blessings that way.

Pynkdyamond:  How do you feel about being a recording artist in such a competitive industry?

Sigdatrig:  I don’t worry about where I am going, I just focus on where I am and don’t give up. I pray on it and push through.  I find a way to succeed because nothing comes easy. If I feel like something can happen, it will, I just keep grinding.