Top Streaming Platforms That Pay the Most in Royalties

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It’s something nearly all rights holders are concerned about, how much money can be made in streaming royalties? The streaming platforms that paid the highest royalties to artists and rights holders could vary based on several factors, including the specific terms of the contracts, the popularity of the artist’s music, and the country in which the streaming service is used. However, some of the platforms that were often mentioned for their relatively higher royalties are listed below. Please note this information can change at any time:

  1. Tidal: Tidal is known for its commitment to higher payouts to artists and rights holders. It offered a higher per-stream payout compared to some other streaming services. (Averaging $0.013 per stream)
  2. Apple Music: Apple Music generally paid higher per-stream rates than Spotify and had a reputation for valuing artists and their work. (Averaging $0.01 per stream)
  3. Amazon Music: Amazon Music also had a competitive per-stream payout rate, and they offered a “High Definition” tier, which could potentially generate higher royalties for artists if subscribers opted for this premium audio quality. (Averaging $0.004 per stream)
  4. Deezer: Deezer was another platform that aimed to provide fair compensation to artists. While not as popular as Spotify, it was recognized for its artist-friendly approach. (Averaging $0.0064 per stream)
  5. Pandora: Pandora was known for its more radio-like format, but it paid out higher royalties per stream compared to some other services. (Averaging $0.0013 per stream)

Please note that the streaming industry is constantly evolving, and royalty rates and business models can change at any time. Additionally, the payout structure for streaming platforms often depends on complex factors, such as whether the streams are from free users or premium subscribers and the region where the streams occur. Artists and rights holders can also consult their distribution platforms and industry organizations for the latest information on streaming payouts.