R&B Artist Chris Envy Is Making Moves and Dropping Hits With His Newly Released Single “Time Machine”

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Chris Envy is an emerging artist making waves in the hip-hop and R&B music scene. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musicians spanning decades, Chris has cultivated a unique sound that sets him apart. His musical style seamlessly blends soulful melodies, hard-hitting beats, and contemplative lyrics that delve into life’s highs and lows.

From an early age, Chris was greatly influenced by Troop and his father’s group, 2nd Look, which ignited his passion for pursuing a career in music. He dedicated himself to honing his skills through participation in an after-school program in the Bronx, where he immersed himself in all aspects of music production and songwriting.

Chris has gained significant attention within the R&B community with his track “XOXO Your Love,” making a mark on various playlists. In a review conducted by esteemed DJ organization “Fleet Djs,” Chris was hailed as exactly what the R&B genre needs.

Chris is a motivated and ambitious individual with high aspirations for his future. He is dedicated to attaining even greater success in his career by taking proactive measures. In partnership with Crossways Ent and collaboration labels, Chris is thrilled to announce the imminent debut of his highly anticipated studio single titled “Time Machine” which was released Aug 25th 2023. Time Machine single will be accommodated by a tasteful music video shot by Lee McIntosh owner of SWAG 100 LLC. As an independent artist Chris has reliable resources and connections, which were highly noticeable at his Time Machine video-shoot. There were high end fashion designers such as Debra Ginyard, who’s known for dressing Beyonce’ / The Destiny Child and designing Lauryn Hill’s album cover, “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill”, handling the set wardrobe. The Director of Photography is Philadelphia’s elites, SnapShot Anderson and Chelsea Ruffin (Famus Chels Media) Who’s known for taking high profile pictures of elite. Crossways ent has linked with “THEM OUTSIDERS” marketing teams which consist of two companies OFFTOP TV and SWAG 100 LLC owned by William Blocker and Lee McIntosh III.

The launch of therealchrisevny.com will be an interactive platform for Chris Envy fanbase. Esteemed industry professionals have forecasted that Chris will leave a lasting impression on the music scene and establish himself as a formidable and influential figure. Chris Envy is from Mount Vernon NY, where in the past we’ve seen some of the industry leading execs and acts come from such as Puff Daddy, Mary J Blige and more.

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