From the Choir Stand to the Big Stage: Omar Wilson’s Journey to Finding His True Calling in Music

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Where It All Started
Omar Wilson is a singer, songwriter, producer and R&B recording artist from Norwalk, Connecticut. He began singing at the tender age of 6 years old in the church choir. His mother made the decision to have him join the choir as an extracurricular activity, to keep him occupied doing something positive, and on the right track.

At just 7 years old, Omar Wilson’s voice was so powerful, adults became very emotional even crying when he sang. Turned out his mother knew best. He continued to sing in the church choir until about 14 years. As a teen, Wilson developed a true love for music and took the initiative to perfect his gift by attending different musical conferences and seminars. During this time, he discovered the multiple genres of music
and like many teens he took a break from singing in the church to singing on the block. He joined a rap group with his older cousins called The Lost Souls. Omar contributed to the group by writing lyrics and rapping. After a short time they noticed to true talent was in singing not rapping, so he started singing the hooks in the songs.

One might say the group’s name was appropriate because Omar realized he was lost as a rapper. In other words, rapping was not his true calling and he acknowledge that later in life.

Omar’s story is a phenomenal one from which others can learn. Although Omar had been singing since about 6 years old, he was hidden from the masses for a long time. According to Omar, the most challenging part of being a musical artist is dealing with the disappointment of people not being who they claim to be. “He says his story has been an uphill battle”. However, he overcame many challenges by ignoring the naysayers and exceeding expectations. Instead of listening to criticism, he over prepared. He says he is determined to be the best that he can be, and strives for that every day. He welcomes adversity and uses it as a playground to challenge himself.

On the other hand, when asked what he loves about being an entertainer, he says there is always something new. It’s like being with a new woman every day. No two days are alike. He says it is the
greatest gift of his career. Throughout his career he has experienced a lot of setbacks, but kept fighting the good fight.

In 2021, he had the idea to collaborate with other amazing artists to remake the classic Secret Garden, and that idea turned to reality. However, the initial reaction was “this song could make or break your career.” Secret Garden is a classic, well-respected and much-cherished song. Many music lovers even describe it as golden, sacrilegious, and legendary. Despite that initial reaction, Omar felt the song was so special, it could be just what he needed to catapult his career to the next level. He knew he was meant for something special, and it also needed to be impactful. Omar’s idea was to pay homage to the song was special indeed.

I asked Omar, who else would he like to collaborate with? He named some A-list musical artists. “I would love to collaborate with Mary J. Blige, that would be so epic!” He also said working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis would be huge. “My biggest dream is to collaborate with powerhouse voices like: Beyonce or Rihanna.”

When asked about his philosophy about life he stated, “Go big or go home, that is the only way to live. That’s what life is about. That is the precedent and the level that I set for myself.”

Why the Classics?
I asked Omar, why the classics? He replied, “I won the Apollo singing Donny Hathaway’s song: A Song for You. That was the beginning of my education about how important soul music is to the culture. The Classics album came about because I had so much adversity related to being heard.” I asked Omar what was his favorite song with regards to the Classics album? He responded, “there were songs that spoke to me. They are all great in their own way, it’s hard to pick one. I don’t know. Besides, songs become great to me at different times. It’s based on what I’m feeling at the time, what I’m going through, or the vibe at that time. It’s hard to pick the perfect song. So, I think every song has a special place.”

The Black Sinatra
Omar is referred to as the Black Sinatra, which is an immense compliment to have his voice compared to Ol Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. For me, it is the smoothness and soulfulness of his voice. He replied, “It’s not me saying I’m great but people are saying I’m great.” Doing renditions of classic songs is a big feat and his fans shout their praises all the time. Secret Garden is a definite hit with over 9.6 million views on YouTube.

What’s Next for Omar Wilson?

Omar believes in his self-worth and exceeding expectations. His primary goal is to achieve legendary status. He is currently working on a new album called “Iconic” and planning to set up residency in Las Vegas.

Omar says the sky is the limit and he’s developed an interest in voice-overs and acting. He is a talented and versatile artist with a bright future ahead of him. He is sure to continue to entertain and inspire people for many years to come. Omar Wilson is a role model for others facing challenges in their lives and an inspiration to all.

Article by: Dr. Marsha McLean and Becky Gaston

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