Create Music Group Prepared to Invest 10 Million in Music For Pets

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Music has an incredible ability to evoke emotions and create a harmonious atmosphere. Humans have long enjoyed the benefits of music, but have you ever wondered if our furry friends could experience the same joy? The idea of creating music specifically tailored to pets has gained popularity over the year. Some people may think it’s outrageous or silly to have music for dogs but one company is taking it very seriously, to the tune of 10 million.

It has been announced that Create Music Group has purchased Music for Pets, which creates music and games for dogs and cats.  Music for Pets was created in 2017 by Amman Ahmed and Ricardo Henriquez and it receives an average of 12 million hours of music streams each month. They were inspired to create Music for Pets after witnessing their dogs suffer anxiety due to noises in their neighborhood.  They began composing music to relax their pets for a low investment of only $1,000.

Nearly 90% of dog owners have reported their animals are less stressed when they turn on the tunes.  Create Music Group plans to invest 10 million into Music for Pets to reach more pet owners, their furry friends, and to expand their business brand.

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