“DKist” is Making Moves with New Release

Dayon “D Kist” Bryant is a R&B recording artist and musician from Birmingham, AL. (ADD ALL DETAILS HERE)

D Kist started to focus more on music after a sports injury followed by the global pandemic. putting his musical skills to work by recording music and doing collaborations with other artist.

Dayon “D Kist” Bryant began his singing career after a sports injury followed by the global pandemic, where he had the time to truly lock in on his natural talent. “I make music because I can honestly express myself better and just pour my feelings out on a piece of paper, rather than trying to explain it to somebody,” D Kist proclaims. “Racks Up” is the first single off of D Kist’s upcoming project slated to release Spring/Summer 2021.

His music influences includes R.Kelly, Trey Songz, Donell Jones and Charlie Wilson.

Dkist – Problems